About CPAs.

During the booming computer craze since the 1990s, many small businesses fired their accountants and switched over to computer accounting software to manage all their business accounting needs and to generate reports. So what's the value in hiring a CPA? CPAs have lots to offer a growing and successful business besides accounting services.

Today's CPAs can also assist business owners with expert advice and consultation about what direction the business is heading into, the potential for future expansion plans, business investment ideas, and much more. For individuals, a CPA can help with estate planning, personal financial security, and risk assessment.

CPA Services

CPAs for Business

Why do successful business owners use a CPA? Because a CPA understands business financial matters. They can manage a company's accounting, assist with tax planning and representation during an audit, help choose or change a business entity to reduce tax obligations, and provide expert advice on keeping a business successful.

CPAs for Individuals

Why would an individual or family hire a CPA? Individuals and families with middle to high household incomes will rely on a CPA to guide them toward financial security through estate and retirement planning, asset protection and asset management, tax planning, and general financial advice.

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If you would like more information about what a professional CPA can do for your business or personal financial matters, contact the sarasota cpa firm Gruters CPA in Sarasota Florida. They have been providing Certified Public Accountant services for businesses and individuals in Florida for many years and well-respected by the community.